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Rhode Island Queer Political Action Committee

Representation Matters

No one can fully understand the struggles of a community without input from that community. Queer representation must be at the table for queer issues to be truly expressed. The goal of the RI Queer PAC is to ensure that elected positions throughout the state have people that are representative of the people they serve.

We can forge this path for our government if we work together in electing those that challenge the status quo, making the law reflect the will of the people. By unifying the underrepresented and encouraging voter turn-out, we can be the change we wish to see in Rhode Island.

You can help get queer representation in Rhode Island's government.


Learn more about our eight endorsed candidates

A headshot photo of RI Senator Sam Bell, a white man smiling wearing a suit and tie.


RI Senate

District 5

A headshot photo of RI Senator Tiara Mack, a black woman smiling wearing a blue shirt.


RI Senate

District 6

Rebecca Kislak_edited.jpg

Rep. Rebecca Kislak


RI House of Representatives

District 4

Yesenia Rubio 2_edited.jpg


Pawtucket City Council

At Large

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Latest News

Candidate Spotlight: Tiara Mack

The Rhode Island Queer PAC wants to kick-off Pride month celebrating Rhode Island’s first black, queer woman serving in our state senate, Tiara Mack...

General Election Day:
November 8, 2022

Rhode Island is gearing up for a historic election cycle in 2022 because the entire General Assembly and numerous city council positions are up for election.


Now is the time to act, register to vote!