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The Providence city skyline during the daytime.
Arthur Flander III.jpg

Arthur Flanders III

RI Senate District 7





About Arthur

Arthur has lived in Providence for ten years, along with his wife and several elderly rescue dogs. Raised by a working-class single mother, he developed an interest in labor issues at a young age. His passion has only grown over a lifetime of underpaid, physically-demanding jobs, and he’s ready to fight for a fair wage for all Rhode Islanders.

As a Type 1 diabetic, Arthur has grown frustrated as he’s watched healthcare CEOs get rich while he and his family have struggled to afford the medication he needs to survive. He is dedicated to building a healthcare system that is free and accessible for everyone.

Ultimately, he wants to help Rhode Island become the best version of itself – a just and equitable state that truly belongs to the people. 

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