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RI Queer PAC, BLM RI PAC, & Rebuild Woonsocket make Joint Statement following

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May 5, 2022

Washington, DC–May 5th, 2022—Recently, POLITICO shared a leaked brief which contains the opinions of the Federal Supreme Court to justify overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade reproductive justice case. As we know, Roe v. Wade was central to providing the constitutional protection of a pregnant persons right to an abortion without excessive government restrictions. Roe v. Wade also made way for safer, increased accessibility to abortion services regardless of ones’ socio-economic status. The Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the leaked documents' authenticity and defended the conservatively appointed court's opinion.

Overturning this decision is nothing more than religious and political imposition. It will grant individual states the power to outlaw abortions and fine and/or imprison those who obtain an abortion (locally or out-of-state) as well as those who assist someone with gaining access to an abortion including community-based healthcare providers.

This decision will have significant and life-changing ramifications on not just ones’ right to privacy, but also marriage equality, access to contraception, and interracial marriage. These are fundamental rights that must be protected.

We are outraged by this news and are collectively demanding the federal codification of reproductive rights for all people across the United States of America while calling on the RI General Assembly to pass the Equality in Abortion Coverage Act immediately.

If you would like to read the leaked brief to POLITICO, you can find that here.

Signed by:

Ken Barber, Executive Director RI Queer PAC

Ryan Vigneau, Secretary, RI Queer PAC

Harrison Tuttle, Executive Director BLM RI PAC

Kamika Harris, Chief of Staff BLM PAC

Danielle Walsh, Development Director BLM RI PAC

Alex Kithes, Executive Director, Rebuild Woonsocket

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