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Volunteer Opportunities

Finding Your Right Fit


Team Structure

While we tend to collaborate as a full team on most things, we also have smaller working groups to streamline efforts. Some pillars need more support depending on the election cycles, so teams remain flexible and adaptable to support ongoing development and priorities.

Campaign Support

Do you want an active role in helping a candidate get into office? Our campaign support team works directly with candidates to help them coordinate volunteers, events, fundraise, canvas, and more. This team interacts with politicians directly and those who are organized and love problem-solving enjoy this work. 

Civic Education

Not everyone knows how our government work, never mind how they can make a difference. This team is dedicated to putting together lessons about civics and bringing them to partners in our local communities. Those passionate about empowering others to know their rights and use their voices will be a great fit.

Legislative Advocacy

We all have issues we care about and needs we would like to see our government cater to. This team is responsible for helping introduce ideas that lawmakers could turn into legislation and advocating for great bills by giving testimony to representatives about why these bills matter.


Our communications team is responsible for managing all emails, social media, public relations, and website updates for the organization. This team may also help advise candidates and our other teams on the best ways to handle messaging and media best practices. 

Finance and Fundraising

What can an organization do without funding? While this is a rhetorical question, our finance team is integral to maintaining our budget and filing important documents on the back end. Additionally, we would love to expand our abilities to raise funds and create more revenue streams to help support our candidates and further programming and events.


Joining the Queer PAC Team

You may be asking yourself what joining a political organization would feel like or thinking "I am not sure how I could help". Funny enough, this is exactly how most of our team felt starting out. We are all volunteers who feel the LGBTQIA+ Community deserves to feel safe, heard, and present within our political systems. Most of us do not have formal political backgrounds, but we do have voices and a will to work together to make our state and local government more representative of our community's diverse needs.

We are interested in recruiting like-minded individuals who are willing to learn and contribute their own passions to problem-solve issues in our state that affect the Queer Community.

Join the QPAC Team
Primary Interest

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Stay Connected

Do you love our mission, but just don't have the ability to join meetings and projects regularly? Sign up for our volunteer list to stay up to date on the latest RI Queer PAC events and information. When campaign and events seson rolls around, we will be in touch, but don't hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas in the meantime!

Join our Volunteer List 

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