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Mar 1, 2022

Providence, RI–March 1, 2022—To start off the Rhode Island election cycle of 2022, progressive grassroots organizers form the Rhode Island Queer Political Action Committee.

The RI Queer PAC is dedicated to creating equitable representation in state and local government by supporting queer, progressive candidates. According to the PAC’s Executive Director, Ken Barber, “Almost nothing has changed for the queer community. Our community continues to face discrimination and systemic inequality everywhere we turn. We won't tolerate this any longer. The days of politics as usual are over."

The RI Queer PAC intends to hold a public virtual launch event on March 24th, 2022 at 7:30 PM. The launch will feature speakers from The Rhode Island Political Cooperative, BLM RI PAC, State senators and representatives, and special guests. The PAC will announce the candidates for local and state office that have been selected for endorsement by the volunteer advisory committee.

The RI Queer PAC plans to make contributions and develop support programs for queer candidates for every level of municipal and state office.

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