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Mar 10, 2022

Providence, RI–March 10, 2022—Following the passage of Florida’s homophobic “Don’t Say Gay” bill, two hateful bills, both targeting trans youth, have been introduced in the Rhode Island General Assembly:

S2501 focuses on the archaic gender binary, using it as an excuse to ban trans-students from school sports.

H7539 is a blatant attempt to bring Florida’s regressive “Don’t Say Gay” bill to Rhode Island, criminalizing the teaching of racism, oppression, and LGBTQIA+ topics. It would also force teachers to refer to trans/non-binary students as their birth names and pronouns.

The targeting of queer youth will not be tolerated. These oppressive bills were introduced by Senator Elaine Morgan, Senator Frank Lombardo, and Representative Patricia Morgan who say these laws are meant to “protect” our children, but we know it is only to appease their own discomfort. We stand with our trans and non-binary youth and denounce these racist-homophobic bills.

Rhode Island needs to be past dealing with hate-mongers who try to force oppression into our laws, and the Rhode Island Queer PAC will fight at every turn to make sure these three never serve in elected office again.

The RI Queer PAC would like to recognize and commend Volta Tran for planning a response to combat these barbaric bills in partnership with LGBTQ+ Action RI, TGI Network of RI, and Youth Pride, Inc., to host the Trans & Non-Binary Community Circle to Heal, Teach & Plan for Action in RI. Thank you for being a pillar of support and strength for our community when we are under attack. Contact: Ken Barber Executive Director 401-339-9119

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