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RI Queer PAC Endorsement

Being endorsed by the RI Queer PAC means that you believe that Rhode Island should be run by members of the community. It means you understand that everyone deserves affordable housing, that climate change is a real and pressing issue, and that healthcare and education is a human right.

We recognize queer leaders and allies who display resiliency in our fight to make sure the LGBTQIA+ community has equitable rights.

Nominate for Endorsement

Nominations will be reviewed by the RI Queer PAC's Executive Committee and a member will reach out to the candidate to discuss future steps for endorsement.


Please only submit if you are a candidate or campaign staff of a candidate seeking endorsement.


Social Media

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  • TikTok
Does the candidate identify as LGBTQIA+?
Thanks for nominating! A member of the Executive Committee will outreach you soon to discuss further steps.
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