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RI Queer PAC Team

A headshot photo of kimika ross, a black woman smiling wearing a light blue button down shirt.

kimika ross



Why RI Queer PAC? - I consider myself a Black, Queer, Feminist dedicated to advancing racial and reproductive justice. As a passionate HR professional, community and political organizer, I believe we can reimagine our governing practices and institutions to center and address the lived experiences of our communities. Through embodying and living out our values we can achieve justice for communities everywhere.


Interests - spending obscene amounts of time drinking coffee, reading, playing with their fur babies

A headshot photo of Ashley Cabrita, a white woman smiling with glasses.

Ashley Cabrita


Volunteer Coordinator

Why RI Queer PAC? - I joined the QPAC because not only is the mission close to my heart but also I believe in the team behind it.

Interests - Accessible adventuring, advocating for the disabled community, baking, cooking, drawing


L.A. Busteed


Email Marketing Specialist

Why RI Queer PAC? - I am passionate about ensuring that Rhode Island is a safe and inclusive community for all.

Interests - theater, volunteering in other capacities in the community, working out


Vashti (v)


Civic Education Team Member

Why RI Queer PAC - I joined PAC because  I wanted to get socially and politically involved again in my community after having my daughter in 2022. I care about our project because after being an educator for over 15 years I know that an educated population can defeat fascism.

Interests - walks with my daughter tracking the local Ospreys, Middle Eastern cooking, anthropology, dying my hair

Claire Headshot.png

Claire (Rena) 


Social Media Specialist

 Why RI Queer PAC? - I want to be a part of something that aims to help push for equality.

Interests - Playing video games, watching movies

Ryan Vigneau_edited.jpg

Ryan Vigneau 



Why RI Queer PAC? - I became a founding member of the QPAC because the national political climate seemed foreboding and these issues came close to home. I'm a native Rhode Islander and I want to dedicate my time to making my home more accepting, caring, and progressive. 

Interests -  Ballroom dance, video games, board games, and caring for my dog, Teyo.


Jacob Hunnicut


Director Of Civic Engagement

Why RI Queer PAC? - I am involved in the QPAC because I deeply believe in the power of the people, especially the young and the marginalized, to build a future that treats everyone with dignity and provides them freedom.

Interests - Film analysis, running, amateur  printmaking, and listening to Mika


Madeline Morningstar 


Civic Education Outreach Lead

Why RI Queer PAC? - I found the QPAC through Providence’s Pridefest. I am particularly motivated by issues of access and agency. I believe in bringing people together to learn about things that are not always readily available and sharing information and resources in concise ways. Additionally, I wanted to find queer community for myself. 

Interests - Dinosaurs, musical theater, roller skating

243536546767596807 (1).png

Nikki Lilly Reiss 


 Graphic Designer

Why RI Queer PAC? - I want to support those trying to make Rhode Island more inclusive and supportive of trans and queer people.

Interests - art, cosplay, gaming, listening to music. painting action figures


Ash Lee-Ann

They /Them

 Graphic Designer

Why RI Queer PAC? - I want to make Rhode Island better for trans and queer people, both now and in the future.

Interests - art, cosplay, kalimba, gaming, fashion

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