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Our Mission

Rallying Rhode Island’s LGBTQIA+ Community for an Equitable Future

The Rhode Island Queer Political Action Committee (RI Queer PAC) is dedicated to creating equitable representation in state and local government by supporting queer, progressive candidates. We strive to shape a progressive future by offering campaign support to endorsed candidates, informing our communities about their rights and representation via civic education initiatives, and demanding protection and equity through legislative advocacy efforts. We pledge to support candidates who embody the core values of equity, community, representation, and intersectionality. 

Our Values


Through the embodiment of these values, we believe a people-centered government can be achieved and sustained.


We believe in allocating resources to support equitable outcomes. Every person deserves the right for their basic needs to be met, including housing, healthcare, opportunity, and education.


It takes a village, particularly to make systems-level changes. We know that our government is most effective when the communities it serves are engaged and have their voices heard.


We believe in representation but know that it is just a piece of the puzzle. The LGBTQIA+ community is far from a monolith; therefore, our representatives must be diverse and centered on the lived experiences of the community in policy making.


Our fights are intertwined with those of other marginalized groups.We recognize that we must work at the intersection of oppressive systems in order to achieve political, economic and social justice.

Supporting Queer, Progressive Candidates

Despite the systemic inequalities faced by LGBTQIA+ people in social and political life, queer candidates around the country are stepping up and running for elected office in historic numbers. Rhode Island is no exception.


We at the Rhode Island Queer PAC are determined to foster a network of support for queer candidates in the state and assist in laying the foundation for queer, progressive candidates to drive change at all levels of our local and state government.


We must back progress to see meaningful change and we need leaders that are not afraid to sponsor policies that will better our community. Leaders who will fight for queer rights, voter accessibility, and transparency for all to take part in

 our democracy.


We want to see the change that will benefit queer Rhode Islanders within our lifetimes.


You can put these leaders at the forefront of 

Rhode Island.

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